Our company has been processing and exporting shelled walnuts from Ukraine to European countries since 2011. Our suppliers include over 400 local farms from eco-friendly regions throughout Ukraine.

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Our main advantages:

  • Deep expertise of the local and global walnut markets

  • State-of-the-art production facility with a capacity of up to 3.500 tons of shelled walnuts per year

  • Storage rooms with temperature and humidity control

  • Own laboratory and two-stage quality control system

  • 97.9% logistic service level (SLA)

  • Commitment to ESG principles

Ukraine ranks among the top 5 countries by export volume of peeled walnuts in the world. In 2020 the export volume on a kernel basis was over 46,000 tons, of which more than 24,000 were exported to European countries.

Since 2016, the areas of walnut orchards in Ukraine have increased by 1,000 ha annually, with the government subsidizing the planting of small and medium-sized orchards (up to 30 ha). Production growth is expected to be 8-11% annually from 2022-2027.

Ukrainian walnut

Compared to American varieties (Chandler, Serr), Ukrainian walnuts have a harder shell that is more strongly integrated into the kernel. The yield of the kernel does not exceed 38%. Compared to the Serr and Chandler varieties where the yield is about 45-55%, the lower yield due to hard shell affects to the cost of produced kernels, makes them more expensive to the processor, but it also gives longer shelf life to the raw walnuts, while they are stored in in-shell condition. Ukrainian varieties of walnuts contain 15% more fatty acids compared to American varieties and have a more pronounced aroma and flavor.

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Manufacturing process

We process current year walnut crop from September to July. Since 2011 we have produced 15.000 tons of shelled walnuts. Our production is ISO certified.
  • 1. Procurement of harvest from farmers

  • 2. Hand cracking

  • 3. Laboratory testing

  • 4. Two-stage sorting on TOMRA Genius and Helius equipment guarantees full compliance with specifications and the absence of accidental/foreign inclusions

  • 5. Gentle drying with active blowing at temperatures not exceeding 60C

  • 6. Quality control

  • 7. Vacuum packaging in a gas-modified environment in a barrier film bags

  • 8. Deliveries with a service level (SLA) of 97.9%

Method of Sampling

Taking samples hold by method of random sampling from 25 packages of total consignment (if lot quantity from 1000 to 5000 packages), when stricter control needed - up to 40 packages. Minimum 250 grams of sample to be taken from the top, middle and bottom of each separated package unit. Total volume of sample to be not less than 5 kg. Taken sample must be accurately mixed, spread in an even layer and quartered getting 1000 grams of sample for final tests.


Color determination

Fraction determination


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